Projected Shrine Plans

Latest Plans

Our new official plans feature a Cross within the Arch, the upright member being a bank of four high-speed elevators, the cross-member being a lower observation deck/refreshment area 425’ high and holding 400 people comfortably. Covered with gold-tinted glass, the Cross will be softly illuminated at night. The Holy Innocents Shrine below the Arch will seat over 700. The 635’ high upper observation deck, with 12 windows bearing the names of the 12 Apostles, will hold 800 comfortably. From there secondary elevators and stairs will access the Chapel of the Triumph, 655’ high and seating 275. The Arch’s blue, star-embossed dome is topped by an illuminated cross pattée having a representation of a white Eucharistic host in its center. The Arch is covered with gold pre-finished aluminum metal cladding. Its forecourt will feature a monumental, golden statue of the Holy Family, and classical columns supporting lintels on which titles of Mary in the great Litany of Loreto are engraved in gold.

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